What is the Windows operating system? Pros and cons

Meta: For a long time, the dominant position in the global personal computer market belongs to the Windows operating system with many different versions.

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What is the Windows operating system?

Microsoft Windows (or Windows) is the name of an operating system family based on the graphical user interface developed and distributed by Microsoft. It includes several operating system lines, each of which serves a certain part of the computer industry.

Why did Microsoft name its operating system Microsoft Windows?

The first version of the Windows operating system was launched by Microsoft in 1985. Through many changes, until now, the Windows operating system has been very successful in dominating the market.

Microsoft chose the name Windows to name its computer operating system because of the contents of the operating system displayed on the screen in different windows.

Windows operating system interface

The interface of the original operating systems is extremely simple, interacting with the user primarily through simple command lines. Recent versions have seen a clear improvement: the graphical user interface has begun to develop.

Officially released on July 28, 2015, Windows 10 – the latest version now – is expected to be the last Windows version before Microsoft changes the way it develops future platforms, focus more on updates and improvements on the current operating system instead of launching an entirely new version of Windows.


  • High compatibility

As a platform with the highest market share in use today, it is not difficult to understand when most manufacturers invest in building software as well as producing hardware supporting the Windows operating system.

  • Easy to use

The next versions of Windows operating system inherit the basic features of the previous version, helping users to easily get used and used;

  • Security

Although not comprehensive security such as: Linux, Mac OS, etc but Microsoft always provides users with free upgrade and update packages to optimize the stability and security capabilities of the device;

  • Maximum support for touch screens (Windows 8 and above)

From Windows 8 onwards, the Windows platform has been designed to provide good support for touch screen devices.


A large number of users is also the target that attracts the attention of hackers. Therefore, viruses, spyware, malicious code, etc are all written to operate on this platform.

SomeĀ  versionsĀ 

Windows 95 operating system

The first version of Windows to use the Start button and Start menu, Windows 95 has a Taskbar, desktop shortcuts, right-click and long file names, especially Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser. IE 1.0.

Windows 95 operating system

Windows 98 operating system

Support for USB, network connection sharing and the FAT32 file system, are valuable advancements of Windows 98.

Windows Me operating system

Windows Me upgraded the Internet and multimedia features of Windows 98, added the Windows Movie Maker application, and introduced the System Restore utility. The draw back of Windows Me is that the system is prone to crashes.

Windows 2000 operating system

With 5 different versions: Professional, Server, Advanced Server, Datacenter Server, and Small Business Server, Windows 2000 incorporates features from Windows 95/98 to create a beautiful and sophisticated interface.

Windows XP operating system

XP is the best interplay between Windows 95/98 / Me versions with the 32-bit operation of Windows NT / 2000 and revamped user interface.

Windows Vista operating system

Released in 2007, the Windows Vista version developed the features of XP. At the same time, Windows Vista also adds security, reliability, improved digital communications and a beautiful Aero 3D user interface.

Windows 7 operating system

Improved the limitations in Windows Vista, Windows 7 conquered users with outstanding features in User Account Control, taskbar, Gadget directly on the desktop, Aero Peek mode, Aero Snaps activity.

Windows 7 operating system

Windows 8 / 8.1 operating system

A hybrid OS, which works well on both touch and non-touch devices, removes the Start button, the user interface changes from Metro to Modern, etc. is what users are impressed with Windows 8 / 8.1.

Windows 10 operating system

In late 2015 in San Francisco, Windows 10 was officially launched. For the first time, touch devices and non-touch devices use the same operating system drive. The interface is changed, Windows Title is integrated into Menustart, special Settings replace Control Pannel are the excellent benefit of this latest version of Windows.

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