How to build your own website?

It is quite confusing for anyone to create a website from scratch. So if you don’t know where to begin, let us help with these easy steps!

Step 1: Choose a platform to build your website on

First and foremost, you need to choose a platform that you are going to build your website on. It is important to choose the right one from the beginning. If the platform you chose is not suitable for your site, you will need to do a lot of work to start over. There are various content management systems for you to choose from. Many of them are free, but these free platforms aren’t good for the long term. Because there will be limitations regarding hosting and subdomain. 

Choose the right platform to build your website on

Other platforms might also require you to know about coding languages. But that doesn’t mean you need to be knowledgeable about HTML or related stuff to build your own website. For example, WordPress (WP) is one of the best website building platforms because it is very user friendly and so easy to use. Even if you are a new blogger or someone who wants to build your own business online, you just need to know standard Microsoft programs to publish your content. This platform is also a powerful and trustworthy one which can run most types of sites. 

In addition, WordPress is really responsive and mobile friendly. You can choose any theme from it and they all work well on mobile devices. Moreover, you can build your website on WordPress for free, just need to buy your domain and hosting. Also, this platform is so popular that you can get advice from many developers. 

Again, be wise when you choose a website building platform because you don’t want to waste your time for a wrong one.

Step 2: Get a domain and web hosting

Every website needs a name and a home. The domain name is the address that readers use to visit your website. It identifies your site and also defines your brand. In addition, your website will need a web hosting where it is stored. There are many hosting companies that have large data centers. They are filled with servers so that you can put on your files, copy, images, and anything.

You can get your domain name and you can also host on WP for free. However, the hosting service is quite slow and you might not like the domain name so much. If you want a faster hosting and create your own domain name, you can invest a little bit money on them. 

Invest in a good domain name and hosting service

Step 3: Setting up your website 

Once you get your domain name and hosting, you can set up your website and make it look professional. There are plenty of themes for you to choose from. Depending on which purpose you are going to build your website for, a cool theme will make it look more attractive. This step is easy because you have access to thousands of themes. All you need to do is to choose one among many themes available.

Once you have chosen the theme for your website, you just need to install and activate it. You can always change your theme and your content will remain the same. When it is finished, you can start adding content to your website.

However, you should also install plugins to increase the capabilities of your website. These plugins are so powerful that they can add more features, usability, tools,… to your site. You will be amazed at how quickly they can turn your website into an online shop. 

Step 4: Add content to your website

So you have built the foundation for your website. Next step is to create content for it. You can start adding pages, posts and editing them. Also, when you create a blog post, you should put it into a category. By doing that, you can organize your blog content into relevant sections. To add categories or posts to your navigation bar, you need to create a menu. It helps your readers discover the content better. 

Although creating a website can be quite complicated when you don’t have any experience. These steps hopefully will simplify the process and help you build your dream website. 

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