What is VPS? All the things you need to know about virtual servers

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VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services that you can use as a platform for the website.

About VPS

It uses virtualization technology to create separate resources on the server for you to use to separate that resource from sharing with other users on the same physical server.

It is safer and more stable than shared hosting because you do not have to share the storage space with others but to use it separately. And it is also cheaper than hiring a private server.

VPS hosting is often chosen by many website owners with an average amount of traffic that has exceeded the limit of shared hosting but still does not need the huge resources of the private server.

VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services

How does VPS hosting work?

A server is a computer that contains the necessary files and databases for your website. Whenever users want to access the website, their browser will send a request to the server and it will transfer the necessary files over the internet to their computer. VPS hosting is a solution that helps you create a server that works similar to a physical server. In fact, VPS is part of a physical server but has its own separate resources.

This is made possible by virtualization technology, the hosting provider installs the virtualization layer on the server’s operating system (OS). This class will divide the server into different parts and allow users to install their own OS or separate software.

Therefore, it is called VPS personal virtual server because it is used exclusively with virtualization technology so that you have full control like a normal computer. It is separate from other VPS’s on the same physical computer. In fact, VPS technology is like creating a separate partition on your personal computer when you want to run more than one operating system (for example, when you want to install both Windows and Linux) without having to reboot.

Running VPS helps your website to be stored in a secure partition allocated with fixed resources (memory, disk space, CPU cores, etc.). You do not have to share it with other users. With VPS hosting, you have the same root access as you would if you rent your own server, but at a much cheaper cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of VPS

VPS hosting may be the ideal choice for you, but before hiring a VPN virtual server, you should consider its advantages and disadvantages.

It is true to say that VPS is really useful


  • Faster and more reliable than shared server hosting.
  • Because of the guaranteed server parameters such as memory and processor power, you will not encounter resource problems that are used up by others.
  • The issue of increased traffic spike does not affect your site.
  • You have superuser (root) permissions on the server.
  • There is a higher level of privacy because files and databases are locked from other users’ server systems.
  • Easy to upgrade. As soon as the website grows, you only need to upgrade the hosting package to upgrade resources without having to spend data transfer or server transfer (RAM, CPU, disk space, bandwidth, etc.).


  • More expensive than shared hosting.
  • It needs more technical knowledge to manage.
  • Incorrect server configuration can create security holes.

Is there any other solution to replace VPS? What is Managed VPS?

One of the failures of VPS hosting is that you need to manage your own server entirely. If the server is not properly configured or optimized, you may have serious security and performance issues. Managed VPS hosting services came into the market to solve this problem. Think of it as an upgraded version of VPS hosting, with full technical support.

When should you use a VPS? How do you know when to upgrade?

VPS hosting is usually chosen after the website grows beyond the limit of shared hosting. If even the most powerful hosting packages of shared hosting are not enough to run the website smoothly, then this is a good signal for growth and it is worth investing in upgrading to the VPS package. In this case, VPS hosting may be the best solution to choose between shared or dedicated hosting.

However, there are many cases you should use a VPS package right from the start. For example, eCommerce websites often need a strong server to ensure a secure, secure and stable payment environment, which can be met if using a virtual server. In fact, if you store sensitive information or online payment gateways, VPS can help you reduce the risk of information theft.

All In all, it is true to say that VPS is really useful

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