Why to upgrade to Windows 10?

Many people do not like to upgrade their Windows to Windows 10. Some think that they are using their current Windows version and it is fine. However, it is better to get more security updates and support for your company’s devices?

Microsoft ended supports

Microsoft decided to end technical assistance and security updates for Windows 7 on January 14th of 2020. If you notice that your company’s computer system is running low the recent months, you are running that outdated operating system. So what are the consequences? Well, you probably know that internet security has always been a hot topic as hackers now use many professional tactics to keep track of your information on the internet. They improve their tactics every time and if you decide to not upgrade your Windows, you open your company to hacks, malware, viruses and massive other future security flaws.

Ransomware prevention

Lower the vulnerability to ransomware. Source: VnReview

Upgrading your devices to Windows 10 allows lowering vulnerability to ransomware which is a form of malicious software. This is a software locking and encrypting your computer data, then demanding a ransom to restore the access to your data. As data and its flow play an essential role in any business, ransomware prevention is a must. Windows 10 can thwart ransomware from locking up a user’s tasks and their data on their computer.

Stronger malware security tools

The Windows Defender Exploit Guard installed in Windows 10 can automatically scan for, quarantine and remove malware. More than just ransomware protection, there are several tools used to stop zero-day attacks as well as block and quarantine malicious programs. These protection tools are offered not only to your computer but also for the office network. In addition, when upgrading to Windows 10, you get an option of subscribing to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – a sophisticated, cloud-based service offered to better manage security threats across your business computers.

Safer web browsing

The Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional is equipped with Windows Defender Application Guard. It creates a virtual machine and you will use the Edge browser inside this machine. If any employee, by accident, visits a malicious website or open harmful software, your computers and the company’s network are protected from damages. The reason is that it will be confined inside the created machine instead of your devices.

Keep your frequent business contacts on the taskbar

One of the most interesting features added to Windows 10 is My People feature. It is extremely useful for the business computer system as employees need to contact with each other to solve all the tasks.

You are allowed to pin your business contacts as some shortcut icons on the taskbar. The total of contacts could be pinned are up to 10 contacts. Now you just click the icon of a person to send them an email or make a video call through Skype.

Efficient updates

Efficient updates with UUP. Source: Anoop C Nair

Another feature of Windows 10 that makes it more advanced than the previous Windows version is its technology feature of UUP (the Unified Update Platform). This feature allows your devices to significantly streamline the update process. After installing Windows 10, your device will be notified about new changes to Windows 10 that your computers need. Then, this UUP automatically downloads the specific updates, preventing your devices from downloading a larger package.

Syncing your work between the personal and company computers

The Timeline feature available in Windows 10 can save “snapshots” of the Windows applications you are using at a particular point of time. Just click to the Task View icon on the taskbar, you will see all the unfinished tasks. Select a snapshot and you can continue your tasks. These snapshots are synced across your company’s computers (in case you have signed the same Microsoft user account). This feature allows the management of works and you also can continue the unfinished tasks at your home if necessary.

Configure the business’s computers quickly

The new feature of Windows 10, Autopilot, allows users to set up system configurations download from the cloud onto the company’s computers. With this feature, the configuring, managing and resetting business’s computers become easier, faster and more secure.

Data flow and computer system are necessary to any businesses, especially in globalization today, and computer optimization is needed to ensure business activities. Now it is time to upgrade your business computer system to Windows 10.

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