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Meta: On July 29, Microsoft Corporation officially released Windows 10 operating system for users around the world.

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With impressive features and interface, Windows 10 has been loved by many users. Let’s take a look at the interesting features that appear in this operating system.

Start Menu button

Microsoft has made impressive improvements to the Start Menu button on Windows 10. It’s a combination of the Windows 7 Start Menu interface and Windows 8. The Start Menu is now scalable to full screen, more flexible, equipped with more features and more intuitive interface. You can customize the Start Menu (resize, change its color, rearrange or even remove all).


Cortana is also integrated into Windows 10. This function helps users find information, create notes, reminders or interact with Cortana by voice. Cortana is deeply integrated with Office 365 so it will help you be more proactive in preparing information and documents for the meeting. However, in the beginning, only users in the US, UK, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain were able to use it. Markets like Japan, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, and Mexico will have to wait a few months later.

Cortana windows 10

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the official name for the browser on Windows 10 (formerly known as Spartan). This browser makes browsing the web faster and is suitable for both touch gestures on tablets and with the mouse on desktop computers. This feature has built-in Cortana, the ability to take notes and share quickly.


This feature helps Windows 10 automatically adjust to the type of device that you are using and the corresponding screen size. When the user is interacting with the mouse and keyboard, it will bring the Windows 10 experience in a standard PC environment; but if you remove the keyboard, the interface will change immediately by Tablet mode suitable for finger touch control on the touch screen of the tablet.

Action Center

Users can access Action Center quickly from the clock bar. Similar to Windows Phone, notifications of the same app will be grouped together. Action Center also brings together notifications from traditional desktop software.

Customize application interface

Microsoft wants users to buy apps from the Windows Store app store so they can use them on a variety of devices. These applications are called “Universal apps”. The application can adjust the interface accordingly when you use it on a smart phone, tablet or on a PC, This you will see clearly in the Microsoft Office office suite. However, Microsoft will only provide Office 365 suites for free for devices with screens smaller than 10.1 inches.

Virtual Desktop

Users can add a new screen by clicking the “Task View” icon on the taskbar, then selecting the “New desktop” feature in the lower right corner of the screen. Virtual desktop in Windows 10 supports drag and drop feature, allowing users to rearrange application windows, even the ability to drag and drop applications between virtual desktops together. Besides, Microsoft also added some shortcuts to manipulate users more conveniently.

Support streaming games from Xbox One to PC, tablet

Windows 10 will help you play games of this device on your computer or tablet by using the streaming feature when connecting them on the same network.

Windows Hello

Microsoft put Windows Hello biometric authentication system in Windows 10 instead of passwords. Windows Hello supports face recognition, corneal scanning and fingerprint sensor. However, to implement this idea, users still have to wait for hardware upgrades such as cameras or fingerprint readers that support this feature. In addition to device unlocking, Windows Hello can be used to authenticate applications.

Windows Hello

Share Wi-Fi with friends

The new Wi-Fi Sense feature (in Settings> Network) allows you to share your home Wi-Fi network with people who visit it. That is, you still give those people access to your network, and most importantly, you don’t need to read the password. Windows 10 will automatically scan the contacts list and if someone who visits your home also uses a Windows 10 computer, they will be able to access the network immediately. In fact, this feature is also quite controversial because of its privacy issues.

All in all, above are some interesting features of Windows 10 that you may not know

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