What are the best free website builders?

Nowadays, it is not hard to start a website thanks to the wide range of user-friendly website builders available on the market. However, not all of them offer high quality services without big bucks. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget but still want to start your business, here are some awesome options for you. 


If you search on the Internet, you will find out that Wix.com usually appears on the first page because of its reputation. Until now, the website has more than 110 million users worldwide. What it can offer customers is its huge collection of professional-looking templates, easy drag-and drop editor, built-in Google Analytics as well as additional applications for personal preferences and they are totally free. Just because of this, whenever using, you will see some advertisements on the website. If you do not want to see them, you need to buy the premium version. 


WordPress is a free website builder which enables you to purchase a web domain. But in case you do not want to buy one, you can also start your business with an URL from WordPress.

With this website builder, you can place assets such as videos and contact forms; create stunning blogs and websites on to so many pages. WordPress provides an easy-to-understand interface so even if you are an amatuer at web establishing, you can still create your own business. 

Once you start building a web on WordPress, you will be shown a wide range of themes included with tutorials on how to edit. Therefore, you can save more time while finishing your work fast. 

WordPress is a free website builder which enables you to purchase a web domain/ Ph: wecan-group.com


Weebly offers domain registration, web hosting, e-commerce functions and web design for any businesses and start-ups. It is not difficult to use Weebly thanks to its flexible features and compatibility with different platforms and devices. 

Similar to WordPress and Wix, Weebly also provides users with hand-code HTML files, integrated CMS solution together with drag-and-drop functionality. It also offers Google Analytics and SEO tools. In addition, it is ad-free so you can enjoy your time using it the most.


If the aforementioned website builders are for less experienced people in coding knowledge, Webflow is on the other hand. This is the website specially for agencies and designers who aim to establish web for their customers. Therefore, the CSS and HTML is under users’ control.

Once you have a website on Webflow, you need to convert it into a system of content management. You will be able to receive the full advantages of Webflow if you know CSS or HTML. Or else, you can still use some features like videos, maps and drag-and-drop widgets. 

Nevertheless, the downsite of Webflow is that with the free version, you can create only 2 pages and the maximum of visits is 500. 

Webflow is the website specially for agencies and designers who aim to establish web for their customers/ Ph: search.muz.li


If you come from an international company, Jimdo is really a great option for you because it allows you to create your website in more than 9 languages. Jimdo is compatible with tablets and smartphones and if you want to establish a mobile-optimized site, there is also a mobile app for you. 

With Jimdo, you will have 500 MB of space to build your web. Moreover, the information of your visitors will be kept safe thanks to its HTTPS/SSL encryption. However, if you use the free version, you cannot be indexed by search engines. Therefore, it can somehow reduce the customization of your website. 


The final name of the list is Squarespace. This website encourages you to establish a website from scratch. Additionally, you will not need to plugin to receive Squarespace service 24/7. 

Squarespace has a multitude of themes that focus on video or imagery so it will be a great fit for those working in entertainment, visual media, fashion industries and dining. The templates are optimized and simplistic. Thus, clients will face no difficulty when buying products from companies using Squarespace.

In brief, with all the suggestions we have mentioned above, we believe that creating a new website is no longer a boring and relatively painful experience for you. You can start with free builders, and when you are more professional, you can totally level up your website, it’s fine!

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